Why Android Installs Is The Only Skill You Really Need

I have zero complaints about the excellent content, though sometimes too game oriented. If I were to find fault with one buy installs android thing, and this would NOT detract a full star, it would be there is NO button to unsubscribe, or easily located number allow me to unsubscribe. I’m not going away, but it sure would be nice to know I could do it without having to spend a great deal of time searching for it.

This tiny feature may, ultimately, make me go back to the paper subscription, which will lead to the magazines again littering my home. Thanks for a near perfect product.” “Just an update since IOS 8. Where is my auto-renew for .99 an issue? It’s only asking me to renew at $9.99 for six month, essentially doubling the subscription rate.

I love the varied and balanced content – very helpful and varied articles for a variety of readers. This is now a magazine that has interactive content that other magazines do not have, it is only .99 cents an issue at the subscription rate. Thanks for making the font size a bit bigger for my iPad mini. Much clearer to read for this 40-something dude.

Love the more serious tech explorations from Rik Myslewski especially. Thanks!” I like the balanced and complete analysis of Apples products especially in the IOS arena. Also appreciate the tips and how to articles from other IOS device users that usually reveal something that I was not aware of that can be utilized in my daily use of the iPhone/ iPad. And I absolutely love having the regular articles by Kevin McNeish on coding IOS for non programmers. For me this section justifies my subscription to this great magazine. So rest assured a subscription to MacLife Mag is definitely worth obtaining.

I love it. I don’t think I’m going back to print. I like reading an article and going straight to the links by clicking which you can’t do that on the print. I have not ran into problems like other people where they can’t see their purchases or subscriptions. I get my new issues every month automatic and I think $10.99 is cheaper than subscribing to the print version. The one thing is I wish Maclife did their digital magazine like read more National Geographic and Gameinformer those 2 are great examples of digital magazines done right.

I really wish people would stop complaining about the magazine “saying” is free and then you have to pay for a subscription. The app for the magazine is free, not the magazines themselves, duh. And that goes for every magazine, if you rate it a 1 or 2 star just because you thought it was free for some stupid reason, I will find a zapping laser and turn you into microscopic creatures. This magazine is awesome, Mac|Life, don’t change a thing.