5 Ways You Can Get More App Store Companies Services While Spending Less

You could add toddlers and baby stores that have strollers, toys, baby food, clothes, etc. Maybe buildings that the parents could work In top app store optimization companies. There should be a park and restaurants (fast food places) malls, etc. In the hospital there should be crutches and being able to put the bandages on the legs. There should also be more than three bedrooms and more than 6 people in the family. There should be more clothes for every season. The game would be much much better with these things!

I know you guys are trying your best and I think you should keep making up ideas like restaurants and A Theme Park and and I would really like toddlers and I think that there should be more clothes And I think there should also be a holiday store and I would really like it if you would make more houses the next one you make I really hope is a mansion which I know is a lot to ask but I think it would be very nice and so many more suggestions please reply to this I really want to know what you say but one of the biggest things that I’m gonna say and then I’ve said on other Reviews is KEEP THOSE UPDATES COMING

I love all the my playhome game app store optimisation services but it would be nice if you add more baby things like updating the baby nursery in the second home,adding baby items like a car seat,a stroller,a play pin,a bouncer,a rocker,a walker, a baby swing,a bib ,some pacifier,some diapers ,also can you add new houses to the game including a house for the grandparents,can you add a airport,a mail office,more cloths,a store dedicated to just babies,some toddlers,a vet office,more pets,a airport,a vacation spot like the beach,a hotel,a restaurant,some teenagers,a senior citizens area,a basement,a attic,a police station ,and more

So I love this game but I haven’t been playing it because there is nothing new and it’s now a little boring please hurry up with an update or maybe even a new game or if your already making a new make an announcement so we have something to look forward to! But if you moms or kids want a review these games are THE best I definitely recommend buying these like 1million percent ok you got it! But PLEASE get something new in the game!

It is the best game ever. I think in the clothes store there should be pajamas. There should be a pet store where you can get more pets https://nextlabs.io/ , pet beds, pet toys, food and water bowls, different types of food for the pets. There should also be a baby supple store where you can get baby food like bottles and baby food in cans, bowls for the food, spoons for the food, strollers for the baby’s, high chairs, baby carriers/car seat, and cribs. Hi, I have all the games and I love them. My cousin is obsessed!😀 but you need to add stuff like A library 📚,

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