< Hacking the Technical Interview >

How to use NLP, Hypnosis and other Jedi Mind tricks 
to land the exact job that you want

NLP or Neuro-Linguistic Programming is a rogue branch of pschylogy that is based on the premise that language and metal brackets communication can be used to influence people. Using these skills in a technical interview would produce remarkable results. Some of the tools and techniques that can be used to influence the outcome of a technical job interview are: < Syncing >

People like people who are like themselves. Syncing is way by which you can establish deep rapport with anyone by mimicking their hack top eleven physiology. By sitting in the same posture, nodding in the same way, breathing at the same rate, you can create a strong connection with the interviewer. < Anchoring >

Spatial Anchoring is a powerful way to associate all the positive feelings to you and negative feelings to the rest of the hotel in madhapur hyderabad candidates who are being interviewed. < Footprinting >

Footprinting allows you to exactly know what qualities the interviewer are looking for and how to position yourself as the ideal linkwheel candidate.

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